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Cara's Basement

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Sep 23, 2009

Michael Buble' has sold 22,000,000 albums (so far) worldwide.  His songs capture romance, heartache, love and every other emotion that goes along with any relationship you've ever been in.  His song "Everything" is a very popular first-dance song at weddings.  And his live performances are unreal.

It was an honor to be the very first radio personality in the USA to speak on the phone with Michael Buble' (for 101.9 WTMX "The Mix" in Chicago,IL) as his third album "Crazy Love" is just about to be released.  The album was initially supposed to be released on October 13, but due to fan demand the album will now be released 4 days prior (October 9).  You can pre-order it now. An even bigger honor was having him serenade me...I still have the goosebumps!