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Cara's Basement

Finally. A Podcast That Really Rocks.

Dec 19, 2007

I had the incredible experience of talking with Lovehammers' singer Marty Casey, bassist Dino Kourelis and drummer Bobby Kourelis in their practice studio in Chicago recently.  Unfortunately, guitarist Billy Sawilchik wasn't there because he had the flu.  I brought some beer and we just kind of hung out and chatted.  They shared some funny stories about the early days of the band including some pretty wild parties.  You can tell how down to earth these guys are and it's also obvious they work really hard at their craft and have no egos. 

After bringing them onstage on several occasions it finally dawned on me to ask them if I said their band name correctly - turns out I never did.  Oops!  That was my very first question, too. 

Thanks to John Gaskill from Pawnstar Productions for helping record this episode.