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Cara's Basement

Finally. A Podcast That Really Rocks.

Aug 8, 2008

The first 11 minutes is Duffy. We chatted on the couch in the SPIN Magazine Press Lounge backstage at Lollapalooza.  The publisher of SPIN joins us - quite fun!

Next, it's Tally Hall.  I met them while in line for a porta-john.  We discovered we are both from the same home town (West Bloomfield, MI) and when I heard the name of their band it brought a smile to my face - you'll hear why in our conversation.

I also interviewed another Lollapalooza artist - Dierks Bentley - a few days prior to Lollapalooza. That interview is not part of this podcast episode but you can hear it HERE.

See all of my Lollapalooza pictures HERE.