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Cara's Basement

Finally. A Podcast That Really Rocks.

Sep 6, 2007

Singer/Songwriter Kevin Chalfant is a wonderful talent and a great friend.  He has been in many bands (The Storm, 707, Shooting Star, The View, Two Fires, etc.) written songs for others (Cher, etc) and recorded several solo albums.  His latest effort is his tribute to his favorite band, Journey.  You'll get to hear a bit of it in the beginning and also the very end of the interview - you won't believe how good he nails it.  Years ago he sang in my backyard (you'll hear us talk about that party in our interview) and my neighbors were convinced that Journey was playing!

Kevin Chalfant is part of the amazing line-up of MelodicRockFest at The Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend, IN on October 6. 

MelodicRockFest details at
Get Kevin's new CD at