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Cara's Basement

Finally. A Podcast That Really Rocks.

Apr 18, 2007

Jim Peterik visits Cara's BasementSurvivor was one of my favorite bands in high school so sitting down with him one-on-one was very a very surreal experience.  Jim Peterik has written (or co-written) many well known songs - go to his website to see a detailed biography on him. 
ALERT:  Do not bail early - he plays TWO amazing live acoustic songs at the end of the podcast!

Here's the songs you'll hear performed LIVE:
"Is This Love" (Survivor)
"Vehicle" (The Ides Of March)

over thirteen years ago

Great interview, Cara! I was obsessed with Survivor\'s \"Vital Signs\" album when it came out. (I was in fifth grade at the time.) Loved hearing Jim\'s performance of \"Is This Love.\" I\'m subscribed to your \'cast and looking forward to future episodes.