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Cara's Basement

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Mar 18, 2008

In February, 2008 comedian Lee Camp was asked to appear on Fox News as a "lefty" comedian vs. a "righty" during a live segment.  He agreed to do it figuring he'd have to somehow speak his mind - and he sure did!  The video of his appearance was viewed on youtube a half a million times within a day of his appearance.  You'll hear the clip in the beginning and again at the end of this episode.

Watch Lee Camp On YouTube

Kimberlee Andrews
over fourteen years ago

I cannot say it enough...I love Lee Camp. If I could afford it, I would hire him to come make me laugh every day, til then, I just have to wait til people interview him or he gets on U-Tube...why is it the best people are the least appreciated. Remember, a vote for Obama is a vote for Lee.